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Trade Secrets

It’s what you know that counts

We use our experience to help clients to protect and maximise the value of their trade secrets and confidential information. 

Often it is trade secrets and confidential know-how that give a business its most valuable commercial advantage over its competitors. Yet these important assets are frequently overlooked, particularly where other IP rights may also be in play. We are experienced in advising our clients in identifying situations in which rights in confidential information may arise and how to protect and enforce them if they do.

We routinely assist our clients to put in place non-disclosure agreements with their commercial partners in order to establish clear boundaries around the use of confidential information. We also advise on other aspects on the acquisition and exploitation of such rights, whether that be in the context of technology transfer, licence agreements, development and collaboration projects, or the acquisition or sale of know-how.

We are equally experienced in assisting clients to prevent the unauthorised disclosure  or misuse of their confidential information, with a proven track record of successful enforcement action in this area.