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Contractual arrangements are the lifeblood of our clients.  

We handle commercial contracts and related issues that arise throughout the life of intellectual property assets. This ranges from dealing with title issues, acquisitions/disposals, development and collaboration projects and exploitation through licensing and distribution.

Our commercial contract work is an important part of our business led by recognised practitioners.

Our clients operate in a wide range of industry sectors.  This diversity allows us to cross-pollinate ideas from one industry to another and helps us to deliver creative solutions to our clients.

Much of our commercial work has an international dimension.  As appropriate, we work with hand-picked specialists in other jurisdictions to produce a seamless service.

Our work in this area regularly includes:

  • acquisitions / disposals
  • franchising
  • licensing
  • R&D and confidentiality agreements
  • supply, distribution and agency
  • E-commerce, sales promotions and advertising
  • competition